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Silicone Milk Storage Bags 2pcs

Silicone Milk Storage Bags 2pcs

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Multifunctional Compatible Storage - The Momcozy silicone milk storage bag is versatile, capable of storing liquids, mushy foods like juice, rice cereal, and puree. It can also be repurposed as an ice pack or hand warmer.

Knob Cap Design - Featuring a strong seal and easy-pour design for breast milk, the Momcozy silicone milk storage bag ensures 100% leak-proof storage. It can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, either flat or upright, saving space and keeping things neat.

How to Use
1. Unscrew the knob cap and pour breast milk into the bag.
2. Tighten the knob cap securely.
3. For use, warm the bag in warm water and then feed your baby. It's simple and convenient.

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