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Momcozy Soothing Gel Pads

Momcozy Soothing Gel Pads

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 Instant & Long Cooling: Made of polymeric hydrogel with lanolin, these nursing pads provide immediate relief for painful or sore nipples. They can maintain a temperature of ≤96.8℉ (normal body temperature) for at least 3 hours and can be stored in the fridge for enhanced cooling when not in use.

Individual Package: Each pad is individually packed in an aluminum foil bag, which provides excellent oxygen barrier and waterproof properties. These bags are resistant to high and low temperatures, non-toxic, and odorless, making them hygienic and easy to carry around.

Thoughtful Gift for Moms: These nipple shields are perfect for all breastfeeding mothers. Add them to your baby registry, pack them in your hospital bag as a breastfeeding essential, or gift them to a lactating mom to show your love and support.

How to Use

Safe & Comfortable to Use: Our lanolin gel pads adhere well to the nipple without leaving residue when removed. The double-layer non-woven fabric is soft enough to protect against rubbing from bras and clothing. They are BPA-free and safe for breastfeeding.

Maximum Fit: The soothing gel pads feature a unique contoured shape and cut-out design for optimal comfort and fit.

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