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Kids sunscreen Lotion 200ml

Kids sunscreen Lotion 200ml

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Product Description:
An easy-to-apply spray with wet skin technology, perfect for kids' sensitive skin. It:

- Provides full-strength UV protection
- Shields the child’s soft and delicate skin from sunburn and long-term skin damage
- Prevents water loss from the skin
- Offers a sun-blocking effect along with soothing and skin-repairing properties

- Spray generously all over the body.
- Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure.
- Re-apply every 2 hours, and after swimming, sweating, or towel drying.

- Coconut Oil
- Sesame Oil
- Henna Oil
- Nigella Seed Oil
- Wheat Germ Oil
- Beeswax
- Vitamin E

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