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Momcozy Little Shell White Noise Machine

Momcozy Little Shell White Noise Machine

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The Momcozy sound machine features a powerful speaker driver that effectively blocks outside noise, immersing your baby in soothing sounds. It offers 15 crystal-clear, high-quality sounds, including 2 white noises, waves, birds, rain, heartbeats, fans, shhhs, and 2 classic lullabies.

The machine also includes a soft and comforting night light, perfect for newborn feeding sessions and sleeping.

The Momcozy Little Shell white noise machine runs up to 24 hours on a single charge and comes with a convenient USB charging cable.

How to Use

The sound machine automatically remembers the last played music, volume, mode, and brightness settings. This allows you to set a fixed mode based on your baby's preferences. There is no need to reselect or readjust when turning it on again—simply start the comforting and sleep-inducing journey with just one press.

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