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Momcozy All-in-one M5 Wearable Breast Pump - Painlessly Pump

Momcozy All-in-one M5 Wearable Breast Pump - Painlessly Pump

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Effortless pumping, like a baby's mouth

It's time to revisit wearable breast pumps because our "Baby Mouth" breast pump is revolutionising the experience. It features a precise horizontal pumping angle that mimics a baby's natural suckling angle, avoiding the uncomfortable upward or downward pulling of the nipple. This innovation not only ensures painless pumping but also stimulates more letdown. Additionally, our vibrate-to-pump mode helps loosen ducts during pumping, guaranteeing a smooth and complete pump-out every time. Aim higher with our advanced wearable breast pump, as we always do!



9 adjustable suction levels
3 Modes: Stimulation/Expression/Mixed
Power Dimensions: 128mm X 117mm X 74mm
Pump Weight: 230g
Flange Size: 24mm
Bottle Capacity: >120ml
Usage Time: 100-120 minutes
Shut Time: 30 minutes auto shut off
Charge Time: about 2 hours, power adapter must be 5V-1A
Silent: the noise of the motor is controlled under 50dB

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